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How to Apply for Probate – The Process of Applying for Probate

Applying for Probate

Posting your Advertisement

If a Grant of Probate is necessary, the legal personal representative of the deceased must advertise their intention to apply for Probate on the Supreme Court website in the form of an advertisement. The wording of the advertisement is particularly important and depends on the circumstances of the testator and the personal legal representative. If the advertisement is incorrectly worded, a requisition may be raised.

Upon the expiry of fourteen (14) clear days the personal legal representative is then entitled to apply for Probate.

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Court Called Probate

In the event that the personal legal representative does not apply for Probate within six (6) weeks of the death of the testator, the Court has the power, pursuant to Section 15 of the Administration & Probate Act (1958) VIC to summon any person named as an executor in a Will to prove or renounce Probate.

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